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Comporta: Enjoy Life at Comporta

With the Christmas approaching, you can have the best moment with your loved ones in one of the Portuguese restaurants. Comporta is a civil village in Alcacer. It is not that populated which makes it a perfect place. There are so many geographical site that you can visit during your stay in the place. If you love grey herons, storks and flamingos, comporta beach is your place.


Economy of Comporta

Comporta is an area where fishing, rice farming and small industries are facilitated. Tourism has also become part and parcel of their economical growth and you should ensure to visit the parish. Listed below are some of the key things to do when you are planning your visit to Comporta. All that is required is some diligence as well as keenness.


Whom are you going with?

First and foremost, you need to understand the number of people accompanying you. At times, you might be going with your spouse and even children. This is best if you have the knowledge of the number as you will have to set a budget that you shall be using in the parish.


What are your preferential activities?

Each and every person accompanying you to the parish has got their own preferential activities and you should allow them to mention those activities. There is someone who might want to go fishing, another may wish to see people harvesting rice and so on and so forth.  Therefore, you should make sure to understand all the activities which you wish to undertake and budget for them all. Also, you need to set ample time for all those activities.


Where shall you be accommodated?

The next thing that you must do is to use the internet search engines and acquire names and addresses of hotels, resorts and the like. These are places where you shall abode for some time. There are so many hotels and all o them have services but you should consider some key factors. First the place should be appealing starting with the compound, the lounge and the rooms. Also, you might consider receiving their cost estimates. For a tremendous planning stage, you should ensure to have at least three hotels and abodes that you are comparing with.


What's the opinion of your friends who once visited Comporta?

Having done all that, it is best if you seek a friend, colleague at work or a neighbor who have ever been to comporta. As a result, you shall be oriented on how things are done and what to expect while there. The friend shall help you determine which clothes to carry depending on the climatic condition of the Parish.